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“The message was right on target and was very important to our student body.  We were amazed by the student feedback that we received and how it touched the majority of students."


Keith Durham,

Principal, Texico High School; Texico, NM

“I want to say thank you for a truly outstanding program!  I had a number of faculty members comment that this was the best assembly dealing with teenage issues that we have had...”


Burchell S. Richardson,

Hillcrest Middle School; Dalzell, SC

​Real Life. Real Answers. Real Connection

  • Public or Private schools
  • Jr High|High School|College
  • 30 minute address
  • Available nationwide

What People Say About Us

  • More than 75% of American youths drink alcohol by age 16
  • 57% of teens try illicit drugs before they graduate
  • Every 90 seconds, a teen commits suicide
  • The average age for 1st time intercourse is 15.8

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Jay Lowder to you as an outstanding motivational speaker.  He not only presents himself extremely well, he has a message that teens desperately need to hear.  I strongly recommend him to you-he is "the real deal". 

Bob Beckham, Activities Director

Fort Scott High School; Fort Scott, KS

The Program...

The Reality...

  As the voice of our future generation cries for help, Jay Lowder speaks of the real life experiences of others as well as his own dramatic story of drug/alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide.

  Students relate, respond, and connect to Jay as he speaks to them as they are, and where they are.

The Voice...