As the voice of our future generation cries for help, the Crossroads School Assembly and Jay Lowder respond compassionately. 


 Crossroads is a 30-minute address that Jay Lowder has presented to over 2 million junior high, high school, and college students throughout the nation. This impactful, motivational message deals with social and moral issues such as violence, the drug and alcohol epidemic, bullying, self-violence and teenage suicide.  

 Jay captures students' thoughts and attention, leading them to evaluate their own "cross roads" while empowering them with the knowledge that their lives can make a difference. Jay doesn't demand, or correct, but meets the students where they are, tackling head on the challenges that students face today.

The program has drawn overwhelming responses from students and parents alike, and has connected Lowder into the vein of the youth culture while providing a catalyst to reach thousands of young men and women. 

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Real Life.  Real Answers.  Real Connection

Jay Lowder


  Jay Lowder is committed to reach those who struggle in everyday life. At a young age, Lowder was headed towards a life of destruction, struggled with addiction, and eventually reasoned that his life was no longer worth living. 

His unique experiences and perspective allow Jay to connect to students.  They listen to his story, and in turn, he listens to them.  The temptations, trials, and tests that every student faces are discussed and Jay provides real life answers.